Why Failure Happens Every Year

Reaching success in 2013

Did you put off last year’s plans? Then here’s a nice suggestion that I’d like to make.

Stop saying the usual “this is my year to make things happen” BS vow.

Oh my! Where is my manner?! Actually, let’s focus more about getting through another year without repeating the same statement every time.

You see, the statement “this is my year” is starting to become very redundant. It irks me (and maybe others) on why some people would wait or think that the next New Year is *gasp* “the year”!

If people really think that this year is really “the year”, then I’m going to pretend that the tooth fairy exists, because what did last year exist for? I hope people didn’t just put off 365 days for this year, did they?

Oh… They did…

Right now, it’s 2013, and I have a few resolutions in mind. But most of them weren’t made up this year, or even from 2012, but from 2011. And I’m not even sure if this year is “my year”.

Maybe you want big changes. Maybe you want to do something absolutely terrifying. Great. But there’s a problem that I see. What is that problem you ask?

The problem isn’t getting started, but sticking to the freaking plan. Some people quit because the going gets tough. It gets too much to handle, or that there’s no value in doing it anymore. All right, I’ll cut the BS… These people I’m talking about is you.

Now, I’m not done yet

So you want to do something like dieting? Then try sticking to the plan instead of giving it up for next year, again.

Want to start a famous blog? Then publish your posts like you have a large, important audience already—even if your blog is a ghost town.

Whatever you do, stick to it.

Everyone is uncomfortable with doing something new and different. I used to go through dieting phrases where I just wanted to give up on myself because food was too tempting. I even blogged during times where Self Exceed had 0 incoming visitors.

Did I hate those times? Of course I did. But these are all examples of embracing the suck, and truthfully, the beginning is always discouraging. You’ll want to give up because of it. Don’t.

There’s a rewarding feeling that takes over you when you get near the ending. So how can you make a plan and stick to it?

Tell it to the whole world

Have you ever witnessed someone saying that they’ll do one thing, and then something else the next?

(Maybe you are that person. I’m not surprised)

Here’s what you need to do. Post whatever you’re going to do on Facebook. Tell your family and friends. Hell, if you ever get on television, be sure to share it with the whole world.

Now you’re obligated to finish it, or you’ll be the fool who cries in shame while the world laughs at you.

And while you’re at it,

You might as well think BIG

I over emphasize on the things that people call me crazy for. Here’s an example.

When I blog, I think to myself that I’m a New York Time Best Seller. It’s not that I’m a bit egotistic about it, but rather, I AM egotistic about it. This sort of mindset helps makes me stay focused on top of my game.

And having this mindset in anything that you do will help you too. A construction worker will not see himself as someone larger if he doesn’t see himself as an architect.

But here’s a warning. This suggestion is not for sissy men, because you may get laughed on, and you’ll probably want to quit because of it.

Another thing is,

People like to compare themselves and get frustrated when they aren’t getting the same results as other.

They start blaming about luck and all these uncanny reasons. But what these people fail to see is that successful people went through hard work that no one else sees.

You can’t assume that you’re never going to make it to the top. There’s a powerful thing that holds inside you when you believe, especially if you overthink positivity.

Will I become a New York Times Best Seller one day? Well let’s just say that saying “I don’t think so” is limiting my potential abilities.

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5 Responses to Why Failure Happens Every Year

  1. I think the reason a lot of people quit is that they want to see results straight away. Two weeks in and no result – they quit.

    The truth of the matter is – success is a journey. Each step of the way teaches us something. That something is the result. The big result at the end is just the cherry on the top. The journey is the learning path. Stick to it long enough and you’ll realise that it’s actually the fun part.

  2. Aaron Black says:

    The trouble with failure is that it causes doubt.

    Your advice; “Whatever you do, stick to it.” is good advice.

    Having a BIG blog or whatever is valuable because so many people simply give up doing it – it’s valuable because it is hard. It’s sort of like the saying, if everyone is first then everyone is last. So the challenge becomes how hard do you think you can work?

  3. Ben says:

    I just had a thought, instead of ‘this is my year’ how about ‘this is my life!” :)

    It’s interesting because if found that for me announcing it to less people is better because it can invite jealousy and negative people which can destroy the energy around it. I’m really working on getting this motivation and focus internally by training my brain to do this and have made alot of great progress.


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