How to Get More Out of Life

appreciation for life

What if you could appreciate more out of your life?

We’re always rushing, multitasking, and doing things so quickly to save time. I know that time is money, but… What if we could just slow down a bit to savor life?

I know, sounds crazy right?

As I’m sitting here drinking my coffee this morning, I give this experiment a try. Instead of chugging down my coffee (like I’d normally do), I take a different approach. I take my fancy little orange straw, and slowly sip in this coffee.

Sure, it’ll take me 10 times longer to finish, but I’m in no rush. Plus, I find something really strange…

My coffee tastes amazingly different

I actually taste the bold flavor of the aroma beans. Now let me just say, my coffee has never tasted like this ever when I drank the darn thing so quickly.

Now this is the art of savoring that I’m talking about.

And here’s the best part.

(Wait for it)

It doesn’t apply to just drinking coffee either. This method applies to most of the things in life.

If you can really slow down, and focus on what you see, smell, hear, or taste, the small details that you’d normally overlook will suddenly appear something new and different.

You can do this when staring at the sky, listening to music, or tasting good food.

It’s a wonderful way to appreciate life, but it does take practice. Because it takes practice, I also suggest that you slow down while reading this article. Who know, you may pick up a few hidden messages from my writing. ;)

People call me crazy

When I tell them that I bought my MacBook Air just for blogging. I mean, I could of spent $400 dollars instead of $1000+ for just typing

Maybe you think I’m crazy too,who knows. In that case, here’s my reason.

Since I spend a lot of time on my computer desk, just typing away and staring at my monitor, using a MacBook Air is simply a pleasure to type on, stare at, and to use.

It simply makes my blogging experience that much better.

Not to mention, I get to do it where ever I want.

Now I’m beginning to understand why people spend so much money on premium products.

Some people will spend their hard earn cash on high-end audio equipment, luxurious cars, wireless back-lit keyboard, etc. because they feel that it’s worth the trade.

They get better experience out of them. They want to enjoy more  of what they are experiencing.

Now I’m not telling you to go buy premium things. You can in fact start enjoying now. Try it with the small little things around you, and you’ll notice the details that you’d normally wouldn’t.


I did mention that people spend money on high-end audio equipment for their listening pleasure, but there’s no need to do that now.

Next time when you listen to music, pay attention to the chords, the flats, the rhythm beats, and how the artist’s voice gets mixed in. You may be surprised because there are music layers that you’d normally ignore.

Try it yourself.

What I do is, I lay in my bed, close my eyes, and I just listen.

There are lots of musical instruments and layers that go into a single song. Unfortunately, not everyone notice the small stuff because their mind is everywhere.

If you pay attention to your songs next time, your experience may be twice as better than if you were to just casually listen to it.


I can understand if we were doing some kind of eating content. Other than that, why do we eat so fast when food taste so good? Is it because it taste so good that we have to try and eat it all in a few bites?

The next time you have something to eat, whether it is a piece of dark chocolate, or a peanut butter & jelly sandwich (my favorite), slow down, and really savor the flavor.

Also, some of you may not do this, but turn off the TV. You’ll have your full attention on the taste of the food.

But just slow down when you eat. You’ll really appreciate it. (Choking hazard would also go down)

You’ll learn to enjoy the great taste of it, the texture, the scent, everything.


Here’s where savoring gets tricky.

If you’re going to eat food that taste awful, run in shoes that’ll fall apart at any given moment, or anything associated with low quality, savoring will make your experience worse.

No amount of savoring the smell of a garbage dumpster will help make you appreciate the odor. It’s just not possible.

No need to savor these kinds of things.

BUT, savoring will make your experience much better if you do taste gourmet food, run in plush shoes that makes your feet bounce, or any other quality things associated with.

Savoring works both ways, but, on behalf of savoring the good things is a much more ideal thing. No really, I insist.

So if you want to live in this wonderful moment of life, take the time to use this article as a reminder to slow things down. Really focus what you see, hear, or taste. You’re in no rush.

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11 Responses to How to Get More Out of Life

  1. Vanessa says:

    I really like the way you describe this experience of savouring life, Dennis – it’s a sort of mindfulness in everyday life. I’m going to bookmark your post & keep it as a usable explanation of what mindfulness really is and how it helps someone get more out of life!

    • Dennis says:

      Hi Vanessa!

      It is truly a mindful experience if we can practice living the moment :)

      Glad to hear you like the article!

  2. Tony Pierre says:

    Hi Dennis, No. You are definitely not crazy. Now that we got that out of the way I must say you hit the nail on the head with this one. Premium products deliver premium experiences period. If you intend to deliver a first class product then by all means seek out the finest tools at your disposal (and means). Sometimes we need someone to come along and remind us how in our haste we are missing out on the best things in life. Thanks.

  3. Jessica says:

    Good advice. I myself am definitely guilty of rushing through each experience to get to the next, without ever really taking the time to savor and enjoy the moment. I will make a conscious effort to slow down and enjoy the moment this weekend and will be greatful for your post providing the motivation to do so! Thanks!

  4. Cornel says:

    Hi Dennis,

    It’s so true that taking time to enjoy every little experience can bring you a lot of joy. Great reminder to slow down!

  5. Shawn Ryan says:

    It goes back to the old “stop and smell the roses” mindset. It really is a great thing to be reminded of. I like your take on it. You put this in a little different perspective.
    You really can appreciate more things on life big or small if you slow down and take the time to do so.
    Thanks for the post!

  6. Martin G says:

    Good tips, I also do like this. Drinking the morning cup of coffee is always one of the best moment of the day for me.


  7. Andrius says:

    If you want to get more, you need to work more too ;)

  8. Farouk says:

    Being called crazy usually reflects an awesome personality or complete madness. I love the way you mention coffee. Coffee is full of inspiration if you think about it!

  9. Sarah says:

    I totally agree. We need to slow down and live more in the moment sometimes rather than the constant hurrying and striving which is typical of many people’s lives.

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