How to Forget About Fools

mad at someone

Ladies and gentlemen, there is something that has come to my attention. It’s that some people just suck.

You know who these people are. If not, I’ll gladly tell you. These people are the ones who don’t care about anybody else but themselves. They’ll cheat, bully, steal, and god knows what else. 

Sound familiar now? Good, because today, it’s time for you to realize that these people aren’t worth your time and energy.

You see, I had a scumbag who scammed me recently. Pissed as a bull off of a leash? You bet I was. People like this who exist, simply put, shouldn’t exist. It’s the fact that when it happens to you or me, things gets even more on a personal level. And we all know that that’s not going to happen, right?

You know what else?

I was letting this person get to me, even without his presence around! Time came around and made  me realized that it was stupid to keep thinking about the past.

In the meantime, you may be like me. You just want to forget about someone, but you have a hard time letting it go.

I agree that it’s tough. The last thing that you’d want to do is to have them in your mind all day.

So I hope to Jesus that by the end of this article, your mind will be somewhere else—anywhere else.

In the meantime, what can you do right at this very moment?

Think of all the other people who have it worst

Go see it first hand if you can.

I know it is very unfortunate that there are others out there who are going through things like suffering.

(I even hate saying this myself, but you need to think about their situation versus yours.)

Our little problems are nothing compared to those people who go through unfortunate events. They are the ones who would gladly trade your problems over theirs.

Because of this, you and I both need to stop moping around over this ‘I am crying because of him or her!’ situation.

Sure, getting your house broken into sucks, getting your heart broken isn’t fun, etc. I know, I’m not telling you to go cheer about it. But being depressed or pissed off eats up your energy. (Or what’s left of it)

Your own personal problem wasn’t declared as a first world’s problem. No one really cares that I got scammed, and likely, no one cares about your situation either. And I’m not just saying this because it happened to me, but because it’s the cruel truth.

The world is still moves on. And frankly, I’d be left behind if I didn’t snap out of it.

Make sure you snap out of it too.

But this person needs to get payback!

Yeah, we can’t let this person just go off of the hook, can we?

After all, we all want to get back at that asshole so badly! We want them to taste their own medicine!

Just stop it right here.

Thinking about this was killing me on the inside. This does not make me feel any better.  If anything, it makes my blood boil just thinking about it.  I couldn’t sleep, I was stressed out, and I was mad. In the end, I told myself if it was worth the headaches.

Stop any evil plans that you have planned down for this person.

Or maybe you’re not as evil as I thought.

Letting it go is your best option. This is possibly the most difficult thing to do too. If there’s a time where you told yourself that you would use your willpower, here is the time to use it.

Use this willpower for your sake of moving on. Use it so that you don’t get down to their level.

The secret to letting it all go away, is to simply accept it and move on. It is pointless to think about something that is already said and done. Either take it as a learning lesson and move on, or keep thinking about it to hurt yourself.

I really do NOT want to feel happy about this

I’m not trying to make you feel happy about it, but rather, to let you know that you can stop feeling bad about it by letting it go.

You have too much time in your hands. You need to go occupy yourself to think about other things instead. Do busy work so that you don’t even have to think.

If you’re going to hold on to this thought, don’t expect your problems to go away. It’ll only make you as miserable as you remind yourself to be. So why do that?

Why not remind yourself that life has its ups too? You are simply going through one of the downs. Soon enough, you will go up, but only if you can only forget about it.

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9 Responses to How to Forget About Fools

  1. Ben says:

    It’s definately a big challenge at times to let people go. I’ve had several people like this and that temptation to get them back seems to be the initial reaction.

    But just letting them go out of my life was the most valuable in the end. Letting go of the people that are causing me trouble and finding people who will encourage me.

  2. g10 says:

    Forgive the Yuck-a-Puck,
    Show No Emotion,
    Forget it…
    It will bother them more because it does not faze you
    or at least that is what you are showing the low-life.
    That is even if they are around.
    Just Forgive for your own well-being.
    It is sooo Worth it.
    Next time avoid that kind of situation.
    Unless you are a Scrapper
    and like the Abuse.

  3. I’ve had to let a lot of things go in my life. Hanging onto them just allows bad thoughts to seep into your subconscious. What this does is just make you feel negative about everything else in your life. You may not know why you’re feeling that low, but niggling in the back of your subconsciousness, is the hatred you allowed to make its way in there.

  4. Hi Dennis,

    Seems like you need to fire the judge! Let go of the negative ones and always focus only with the positive ones.


  5. Well, I have many times said things that were not meant to be said e.g. about their weight. In my defense I was being honest but brutal to hear according to them. I have now learned the art of being artfully untruthful, so that they are happy for people don’t want to hear the brutal truth. How to live with it after being said? Well, to my way of thinking I was honest so I lived with it fine and when the other people got upset, well, they knew that they would always get an honest answer from me. I think if you apologize and let them know that you have this habit of being honest and if they are your friends they will understand. I do realize though after years that it’s best just to tell half truths when it involves them personally. And ask yourself what you would like to hear if you were in their shoes. If you can’t handle the brutal truth then that’s your answer.

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